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EBT Edge


ebt edge cardholder portal

Welcome,. ebtEDGE offers you direct access to the EBT information you need. Choose your EBT group below to login . … Cardholder Login .

Cardholder Portal and the ebtEDGE



How do I check my EBT balance?

The Electronic Benefits Transfer Card

The best way to know your balance(s) is to refer to your last receipt. You may also obtain your balance by logging on to the EBT Cardholder Portal. Or by calling the EBT Customer Service number (1-888-356-3281) on the back of your card.

How do I check my EBT balance MN?

You can access the balance of your EBT card by logging into your account through ebtEDGE at www.ebtedge.com, or by calling 888-997‑2227.

How do I check my RI EBT balance?

You can check the balance of your EBT card by call- ing 1-888-979-9939 or going on-line to www.ebtedge.com. EBT cards do not expire and should not be thrown away when you use all your benefits. Each month benefits are put on that same card.

How do I check my EBT balance online Ky?

You can find out your EBT Card balance online by using the Kentucky ebtEDGE website. Once you are there, click the Cardholder Login section. After that, you will be taken to a new page where you can enter your User ID and Password. You must log in to your account to check your EBT balance.

Cardholder Portal – ebtEDGE


Your User ID can be used to access both the ebtEDGE Cardholder Portal and the ebtEDGE Mobile Application (available in the Google Play or the Apple App Store).

Cardholder Portal – WV.gov


The Cardholder Portal and the ebtEDGE Mobile Application work together providing cardholders a way to simplify life and stay in the know.

Frequently Asked Questions


ebtEDGE .com to access the Online Cardholder Portal . … This is the ONLY approved app for WV Cardholders , please avoid all third-party mobile apps.

CardHolder Portal


For assistance with EBT transactions outside of California, go to Help Center and select ‘Using Your Card Out of State’ to see the list of locations where …

Download ebtEDGE App – FIS


Know Your EBT Balance While You’re On the Go.The ebtEDGE app can simplify your life when you depend on SNAP, TANF, WIC, or child care benefits, allowing you to …

ebtEDGE Cardholder User Guide – State of Michigan


Click link to view or download. ebtEDGE Cardholder User Guide.

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